Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tips & Tricks for publish book by MS Word

1) Хуудсаа A4 цаас дээр таруулна эх бэлтгэх.Ж: 4 хуудас эх байна гэж саная.
2) File->Print->Pages->4,1,2,3
3) Pages per sheet: 2 page
4) Scale to paper size: A4
5) OK

Олон хуудасны хувь Excel дээр доорхи томъёг C1,D1 нүдэнд бичиж 4,1,2,3 дарааллыг гаргаж авна.

1) E1:I2 select & copy
2) Paste in Editplus & join lines & remove tabs and space.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Government Organiztion of Mongolia

  • President
    • President

    • The Office of the President

    • National Security Council of Mongolia

    • State Commission on Management and Organization Rehabilitation Political Repression

  • Parliament
    • Parliament

    • National Audit Office

    • National Statistical Office

    • Bank of Mongolia

    • Government Service Council of Mongolia

    • Financial Regulatory Commission

    • National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia

    • General Election Commission of Mongolia

    • Constitutional Court of Mongolia

  • Government

    •     Open Government

    •     Central Intelligence Agency

    •     State Property Committee

    •     Information Communication Technology Agency

    •     Deputy Premier of Mongolia

    •     Center of Standardization and Measurement

    •     Unfair Competition Regulatory Authority

    •     Intelluctual Property Office

    •     National Authority for Children

    • Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia

    •     Management Academy

    •     State and Governmental Service Agency

    • Ministry of Finance

    •     Mongolian Tax Administration

    •     General Customs Office

    • Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs

    •     General Police Department

    •     General Authority for Border Protection

    •     State Center for Civil Registration and Information

    •     General Authority for Implementing Court Decisions

    •     National Archives

    •     Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    •     Department of Service for Diplomatic Corps of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    •     Ministry of Environment

    •     National Agency of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment Monitoring

    •     Water Authority

    •     Ministry of Construction and Urban Development

    •     Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography

    •     National Center-Construction, Urban Development and Public Utilities

    •     Ministry of Defence

    • General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces

    •     Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

    •     Ministry of Roads, Transportation and Tourism

    •     Civil Aviation Authority

    •     Railway Authority

    •     Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour

    •     General Authority for Social Insurance

    •     Labour and Welfare Service Agensy

    •     Ministry of Fuel and Energy

    •     Ministry of Industry and Commerce

    •     Foreign Investment Agency

    •     Minerals and Oil Authority

    •     Ministry of Food and Agriculture

    •     Ministry of Health

    •     Mongolian State Committee of Physical Culture and Sports

    •     Minister of Mongolia

    •     State Professional Inspection Agency

    •     Minister of Mongolia

    •     National Emergency Management Agency

  • Supereme Court
    • Supreme Court

    • State General Prosecutors Office